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Related 'projects'

The Open Creativity Centre

The Open Creativity Centre is an interdisiplinary, inter-faculty group of staff within the Open University. For more info see


The eStrategy Implementation Review (eSIR) was a Becta funded project that looked specifically at the implementation of Priorities 2 and 3 of the DfES eStrategy (Harnessing Technology).

Useful links

NCSL Futures

This page provides information about and/or links to:

QCA Futures

This website provides information about the work on future curriculums that the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority is currently undertaking. The initiative focuses on a number of key questions for the future of education

  • What forces for change should influence the development of our national curriculum?
  • How should we adapt our system to meet the needs of the time?
  • How do we guarantee an entitlement for all learners and at the same time allow scope for innovation and personalisation in the ways we organise learning?

While there is broad consensus about the underlying aims, purposes and values of education, QCA Futures argues that there is also room for debate about the best way to organise learning to achieve our goals.

The site features a number of downloadable documents that will engage those interested in the debates. These include the pamphlet QCA Futures: meeting the challenge, A curriculum for the future subjects booklet and their Empoyers consider the challenge booklet. All available at

The site also has an online forum where you can get involved in the debates:, and features examples of particularly interesting 'live experiments' in future educational ideas such as the Timetable Free School and the use of virtual learning environments to support learning across the curriculum

Internet radio

About - Radio

email to sms and visa versa

dynmark provide computer to mobile and mobile to computer services/solutions.

Other useful links

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