Adding textures tutorial

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Step 1

Build an object and go into the 'texture' tab on the build menu

Step 2 (changing object texture)

By clicking on the boxes you can select textures from your inventory and the library and change the colour of the texture.

Step 3 (changing side textures)

By clicking on the 'select texture' checkbox in the build menu you can click on just 1 or more sides of your object and change the texture of just that side(s).

Step 4 (shininess)

You can change how shiny your object is by clicking on the shininess dropdown box in the build menu

Step 5 (bumpiness)

You can change the bumpiness of your object by clicking on the bumpiness dropdown box in the build menu

Step 6 (transparency)

You can change how transparent your object is by clicking the up or down arrows on the transparency box

Step 7 (full bright)

You can change how bright the object is by clicking or unclicking the full bright checkbox

Step 8 (texture rotation +)

You can change the rotation, offset and repeats of the texture by using the tools near the bottom of the build menu

The texture menu layout

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