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Hello from Liz
« on: December 09, 2006, 10:33:17 PM »
Just having a look around having met Peter a couple of weeks back on a visit to MK.

I guess I've got 2 reasons for being interested in what is happening here.  One is that I'm the mother of a 14 year old boy with 'complex learning difficulties' who became very disaffected with a school system that couldn't and wouldn't address his needs. He now attends a residential special school but I do wonder if different options had been available whether different solutions might have been found for him.

The other is that I've been teaching online courses with the OU since the advent of T171 - Nigel mentions that in his intro - and like Nigel, I am part of the e-learning project team on the Sussex Learning Network - different age group to schome's main focus, but looking at pathways from further to higher education.  One of my concerns is those youngsters who don't get as far as fe as they have already decided education isn't for them.

Lot's of other interests too around ownership of our learning, etc, etc.

That'll do for the moment



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Re: Hello from Liz
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2006, 07:15:22 AM »
 :) Welcome to the schome community forum Liz - thank you for introducing yourself.

Was good meeting you f2f the other day too ... Hoping some things discussed in that meeting will come to fruition ...

Incidentally - whilst we do have a major focus on school age education at the moment schome is intended to be a cradle to grave education system - so we are directly interested in 'adult' learners as well as those of compulsory and pre-compulsory school age.