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Introductions / Re: Hi everybody
« on: October 09, 2007, 11:47:23 AM »
thanks for your messages.. well I think environments can help a lot actually and well designed spaces can really support identity and community building as well as reduce negative bahaviors. But it's not just about spaces, it's about the way learning happens within and outside schools and how to stimulate this in different ways..

Hard and soft dimensions should be integrated.. see for example the findings of the famous redesign of Kingsdale school

"... Our work at Kingsdale deepened our understanding of the relationship between hard and soft elements. Some of these linkages are simple: we argue for lockers to enhance learning (pupils can bring the equipment they need), to enhance belonging (pupils have a place of their own and thus a sense of arrival) and to save pupils' backs from the strain of carrying heavy bags.

Other linkages are more complex, such as the relationship between circulation spaces, the school timetable and the school culture. Simply changing the design of corridors, for example, will not solve circulation issues: the timetable needs altering, and opportunities for passive surveillance need to be created, by providing regularly changing display spaces and sitting-out areas, for example."

And surely students as well teachers, but also the wider community should have a word about the future of schools and learning.. it's also a matter of finding effective ways to co-design solutions...

talk to you soon  ::)

Introductions / Hi everybody
« on: October 03, 2007, 03:42:36 PM »
Hi everybody
I just joined the schome forum.
I recently moved from Italy to work as a lecturer for the new team of Imagination@Lancaster at Lancaster University.
My background is in industrial design and I am specialised in Service Design, with a particular interest in the re-design of Public Services.
I am particularly interested in the education field and the recent Building the Schools for the Future Programme; even if I feel like there is too much focus on innovative building and not enough investment to explore innovative practices of teaching/learning, so I really wellcome the Schome initiative.

Thanks by now!

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