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1  Virtual worlds (in education) / Virtual world discussions / artificial realism or real artifice on: December 10, 2008, 04:22:23 PM
Was watching the culture show on bbc2 last night (actually I was reading the paper) and overheard Mark Kermode and Baz Lurhman (sp) talking about his films. One of them said something like artificial realism or real artifice. I thought it was interesting and catchy. It made the think firstly about how painters JMW Turner tried to make things feel more real while making them less realist. Then how other artists responded to the realism of photography. It also made the think about visual forms within virtual worlds. When people create these worlds do they want to create a artifice of the real, or a real artifice

thoughts . . .
2  Schome / Schome discussions / Re: Aims of Education on: December 01, 2008, 01:19:43 PM
Social learn project is very interesting.

Was at a 2 day workshop on social learn in bucks earlier this year - lizit was also present - certainly lots to think about in relation to the spaces we learn in. Large emphasis on mobile computing and 'the cloud'. I understand that a beta of the social learn platform will be available from Jan 09
3  Schome / Schome discussions / Re: 'Levels' of belonging/membership on: September 24, 2008, 10:42:54 AM
the c word that mars and animus dont want to mention is a little different to the one that came to my mind when I started reading this thread - community.

I have to agree with Amba and Rowan on this one inclusive notions of community cannot have explicit heirachies like the ones proposed.   Surely everyone is on the forum is or inworld is a member of the wider community, within that we have various overlapping communities. Ordering and naming the levels of involvement and  competency may be useful from an administration point of view, I am not to certain if it is valuable from a cohesion and inclusion point of view.

Seems that role descriptors might be more useful
4  Schome Park Programme / Reflection and forward planning / Re: Summary Of Schome: Spiral on: May 03, 2008, 07:56:51 PM
So has RoughBounds grown, you normally didnt devle into such detail, especially when you joined up.

I am cautious by nature "lend every man [sic] your ear but few your words", or something like that.

Plus, communties are my area of interest

Also, I am sure I have posted some detailed responses on the forums at some point
5  Schome Park Programme / Reflection and forward planning / Re: Summary Of Schome: Spiral on: May 02, 2008, 08:00:10 PM
I agree that the members of Schome are split into groups, such as those that are good at scripting, or building etc, but i have to disagree that it is a thing that is causing major splitting in the community.
You can't stop groups of people from meeting, because that is one of the features of Schome: we have strands for different subjects and then arrange meeting for them. Not everyone attends, and we all just attend those sessions that we are interested in. You can't force people to go to sessions they don't like, or stop them from going to sessions they enjoy, all in the name of intergration.

I personally think that a major cause of division in our community was caused when we started to allow multiple schools to bring in groups of students. Whilst i have no problem sharing our community and space with them and believe diversity is good for any community, i feel that this aspect has failed because the groups will all just be together and running there own personal seesions.
I know that they allow others in the community to join in these sessions, but not many of us wouldn't, as we could feel as though we are intruding, because everyone else in the group already khnow each other, are friends, go to the same school, are in the same class etc.

Interesting point Kali. What you are talking about is that various communities of interest might exist within a larger meta community that shared similar values and experiences. Arriving at similar times, generally not knowing anyone, seeking support from people and thus fostering bonds.

Then, groups of known individuals join the community. Like all of us, when we arrive somewhere new its often more comfotable to spend time with the people who we have established relationships with rather than people we dont know. Common in RL and apparently (from the comments here) common in SL.

I suppose what I am asking myself is - should we be suprised. Should we be suprised that social structures and normms reproduce themselves in SL ....
6  Schome Park Programme / Reflection and forward planning / Re: Summary Of Schome: Spiral on: May 02, 2008, 09:35:19 AM
Maybe we somehow need to get rid of thse little groupings, and all be one big community. Obviously schomer's will have specialityies, but anyonce can build, script etc.

And I understand about the lack of system, again, we need to have a think about this over the summer, or definately before VSE opens

I think that your point about their not being a schome community but schome communities is an interesting one. It seems that SL is mirrorring RL. People used to talk a lot about community but I think that most people now accept that even with geographically located populations we should really be talking about communities. Its natural when we enter a new space to be drawn to those areas that interest us and people who share our interests. Therefore, I am not certain that any attempt to create a schome community would work. The early settlers who arrived at roughly the same time in small numbers may have felt that bond and commonality but as we begin to understand the place, make spaces and understand our own place, coupled with the trickle of new arrivals interest groups emerge and communities develop. Well thats what I think anyway.
7  Schome Park Programme / Schome Park discussions / Re: New Eduserv Bid on: April 24, 2008, 10:06:42 AM
Feuch a-rithist.

tha gu dearbh
8  Schome Park Programme / Schome Park discussions / Re: New Eduserv Bid on: April 23, 2008, 02:35:06 PM
sin agad e
9  Schome Park Programme / Schome Park discussions / Re: Interviewing Project on: April 15, 2008, 03:00:04 PM

are you interviewing people assoc with your project or ava in schome?
10  Schome Park Programme / Reflection and forward planning / Re: Shifting responsibilities on: April 03, 2008, 10:02:11 AM
Maybe there is something to be said about research in the "good old days"  >:D  I started writing my thesis in May last year (third year of my PhD).....I'm still writing!  To be fair i only got my final samples run in December ofr my 4th year - and have been processing them ever since....still have at least another 2-3 months of data analysis to do.

Advice - do a programming/theoretical PhD NOT an experimental one!  EVERYTHING goes wrong in an experimental/instrumentation PhD plus your results may have no logical answer/interpretation  :o and will slowly send you out of your mind.....I'm not a bitter and twisted PhD student honest!

You should have seen the state I was in after 11 years and 6 months! (OK so I was doing mine part time up until the last two months) - but you get to a certain point and you wonder why on earth you ever started doing a PhD. Hang on in there Gaea - being finished is wonderful!  ::)

ah, that doesnt make me feel so bad about my PhD peter. While doing my fieldwork (yr2) I met someone who offered me a job at a different uni, this took up 3 years, then another uni for a year, by then I had children and actually really needed to work so set up my own co and pt with the OU, more children .... etc.  Then my wife wanted to finish her studies, so this winter (yr8) I have promised myself the write. Dont do social sciences. Dont research too close to home. I did my research on remote rural communities in the West Highlands and changing crofting landscapes, I was born on a croft in a remote rural community, still live here, and am a crofter myself - too much reflexivity.

lost train of thought, pager went automated fire alarm
11  Schome / Introductions / Re: Hello on: March 30, 2008, 07:54:51 PM
12  Schome / Introductions / Re: Hello everyone on: March 18, 2008, 06:08:26 PM
hi   - - good name
13  Schome Park Programme / Schome Group Projects / Re: J8 - Web Questionnaire on: March 17, 2008, 09:51:56 AM
copy of pyramid related to the sociology of participation
14  Schome Park Programme / Schome Group Projects / Re: J8 - Poverty and Development on: March 16, 2008, 08:36:41 PM

This page contains some interesting papers and general information
15  Schome Park Programme / Schome Group Projects / Re: J8 - Web Questionnaire on: March 16, 2008, 08:33:58 PM
I did some work for a small social enterprise on particpation. Recall reading something  about participation pyramids for a paper I wrote about it. You know how to turn messages into action. I will look for the paper and try to summarise the material
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