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1  Virtual worlds (in education) / Virtual world discussions / artificial realism or real artifice on: December 10, 2008, 04:22:23 PM
Was watching the culture show on bbc2 last night (actually I was reading the paper) and overheard Mark Kermode and Baz Lurhman (sp) talking about his films. One of them said something like artificial realism or real artifice. I thought it was interesting and catchy. It made the think firstly about how painters JMW Turner tried to make things feel more real while making them less realist. Then how other artists responded to the realism of photography. It also made the think about visual forms within virtual worlds. When people create these worlds do they want to create a artifice of the real, or a real artifice

thoughts . . .
2  Schome Park Programme / Research / Looking for SParker and SChomer Researchers in SPii on: July 15, 2007, 04:53:37 PM
I would like to join you on the island, not as someone who is doing research on SL, but rather as someone who is doing research WITH people IN SL. I would be interested in getting a group of  interested people together and trying to develop a research project in SPii together.

I am an ethnographer by trade, I hang out and ask questions. From this engagement I try to develop themes. From those themes come further questions, questions that are hopefully grounded in the 'everydayness' of peoples experience.  I lot of the work I do is what is loosely called 'action research', where you are not just someone their to watch, but you take part, you try to develop ideas that will inform future practices. If it was possible for a group of use to get together and try to develop some grounded theory that informs future practice, that would be great.

Now even though I am new in SL its quite clearly not everyday, and not like doing research on/with physically located communities. For example, the way that 'data'  comes, through the click of keys (downloadable) is very different to the pocket book of half remembered notes. However, blogs could provide space for individuals to reflect on findings. Even more interesting wiki's could provide opportunities for a collective and perhaps contested sense of how data emerges. My assumption is (and I know I shouldnt trade in these) that its also a much more flexible landscape, its a landscape where people dont have to find their own place, they can make their place. It seems quite suited to an action research approach.

I was out canoeing this afternoon and two thoughts came to me:

One of the things that could be researched is how do we collect valid, meaningful, and rigourous data in SL;

One other avenue that struck me was how might research methods course materials be developed, should they be notecards  or whiteboards in world, or links to external browsers, should they be fixed resources, or should they be open....

This will be a learning experience, for me, any support welcome

3  Schome / Introductions / Hullo from Newbie RoughBounds on: July 11, 2007, 01:36:41 PM
I a newbie here and a newbie in SL.

I am interested in this project for a few reasons.

I have an interest in education and young people. I was a young person once, I have young children, I have done some research about young people and place making, and I have worked as a youth worker

I am an AL at the OU and use ICT tools on the course  I teach "Research Methods with Children and Young People"

I am a researcher with the OU and I have been looking at asynchronous tools and place space community metaphors and I am interested to see how these operate in SL

I am a geographer so I am in interested in spaces and places,

I am an ethnographer and interested in how methods like 'hanging out and asking questions' might work in SL. As a research tool and perhaps as a teaching space for social science students.


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