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1  Schome / Schome discussions / How to get a paper published? on: June 18, 2008, 10:56:53 AM
Just a random question that popped into my mind- How to you get an educational paper published and how easy is it to do?

Wasn't sure if there was a better board for this...
2  Schome Park Programme / Reflection and forward planning / Schome Park Scrapbook on: May 05, 2008, 05:12:30 PM
Just An idea I had about the end of schome park

It would be nice if we made a sort of collection of pictures and quotes from schome park as a sort of memento of the project

For simplicity it could be done in PDF format and people can do with it as they see fit

3  Schome Park Programme / Building / Plot Tracker on: April 08, 2008, 07:18:54 PM
Not an offical thing but merely a guide, is it possible for people to post inorder to create list of the plot that are currently owned so people can see if an application is possible (and saves people applying to find that a plot is already taken)

Plot 1:
Plot 2: Terrafirma (re-devloping scholympia)
Plot 3:
Plot 4:
Plot 5:
Plot 6:
Plot 7:
Plot 8:
Plot 9:
Plot 10:
Plot 11:
Plot 12:
Plot 13: Marina
Plot 14:
Plot 15:
Plot 16: Time travellers (?)
Plot 17:
Plot 18:
Plot 19:
Plot 20:

(Plenty missing -if you know a plot which hasn't been put on please reply to this and I'll add)
4  Schome Park Programme / Building / Current system of building: An explanation on: April 04, 2008, 04:43:04 PM
As anyone with access to schome park will see, there are two islands
Schome park alpha (run by students)
Schome park beta (run by staff)

This thread covers the building rules on alpha, to obtain permission on beta you must obtain the staff's permission

For alpha
Any build postioned in height above 200m does not require permission to be built
Any build postioned in the sandbox at any height does not require permission though please be aware that the sandbox will be swept regularly

For builds elsewhere (<200m and out of sandbox) there is a new plot system
Strands may apply for plots if they are active and can show a need for a plot

To apply for a vacant plot Please speak to The schome ranger (Schome Sparker, PeterT in forum)

5  Schome Park Programme / Building / Change of focus on this board on: April 04, 2008, 04:37:00 PM
As planning permission is now no loger the main feature on this board, this board has now been re-named to building

All planning permission threads have been archived

A new thread explaining the current system will go up shortly
6  Schome Park Programme / Building / Do we need this board anymore on: April 04, 2008, 12:15:03 PM
Seen as planning permission technically doesn't exist anymore as above 200 no longer needs pp and below has a plot system which is not centrally controlled

Could this board be removed (or renamed to just building)?
7  Schome Park Programme / Building / Re-doing alpha? on: March 25, 2008, 03:39:31 PM
Note the following terms are used in this post- to avoid confusion heres an explantion
SP1 (Schome park 1) The orginal schome park project
SP2 (Schome park 2) The re-design of the project
SP3 (schome park 3) The current project
SPa (schome park alpha) the old island currently run by students
SPb (schome park beta) the new island run by staff

I've just had a rather large train of thought which might be of intrest

The discussion has been going on in the SEGFL thread about how to retain people who join schome- one suggestion would be to re-do the island and make it more intresting- possibly under the idea of,

If you could create your own ideal learning space what would you put in it?

The current island is hard for new users because everything is mixed up- its very difficult to find where everything is while sp1 and beta has a more structured approach, What if the island was themed more like its name of being a giant park which was sectioned off into different bits, but instead of being specfic in sectioning off to say physics, ethics etc, how about spliting the island into more knowledge age skill based areas - creativity, knowledge, social etc, each part would house different things, The design I thought of was a sort of X based design

In the centre a sort of navigation area, A map, explantion of schome and the park as well as tutorials the sch-op, think the orientation station in beta,
To make this more useful- Is there a way so that first time visitors to an island are sent to a specfic area yet returning visitors aren't teleported, the reception in schome park 1 sort of followed this idea but was seldom used as it was out of the way and served not much purpose as by the time you found it, you were already getting to grips with the island

This would act as a gateway into the areas
Some examples of areas could be

Creativity- A huge building and scripting area enabling new people to freely experiment with their creations- perhaps a sandbox like on SP1 with help on building and examples scattered around the edge

Knowledge- the education area of the park where most learning events take place- as well as meeting places for each strand, provide a large area for experimentation to develop a more hands on way of learning

Social- this third phase of the project has highlighted more in a sense that people don't just use this island to learn all the time- people want to have fun and enjoy more looser activitys such as the regatta, popgun events etc
This place would be more to do with this sector but of course the activitys based here could sublimanally require the use of knowledge age skills- teamwork, communication etc

The brief for this would be more open space than buildings unless absolutely necessary
Planning permission largely would disappear
The governance structure would partially disappear- I would agree with having experienced schomers helping new member to the island but I disagree with the bureaucracy which the island has seemingly gone into- there are better ways to be self sufficent than bureaucracy

As for making this- I've noticed that during each building phase the staff and students have done things seperately, Perhaps if the project mixed the two sides toghther it would demonstrate further the schome ethos, Perhaps split production so that the staff make one part with help from students and vice versa

In making each part I would suggest that anyone who wants to help out should be enabled to in someway, this could be just pitching in ideas and someone else building them, or forming teams to make certain parts

So what do you think of this idea?
I'd be intrested to hear comments on this debate
8  Schome Park Programme / Media (making) / The machinima review Edition 1 on: March 24, 2008, 09:03:23 PM
I've noticed something missing from the media forum- a review of all good machinima software
So here goes the first edition of the machinima review!

First thing to be tested camera software
This software of course is needed to film any machinima so its essential to get a good one but there are plenty which are free so we'll take a look and see how they do.
I'm using a low-spec laptop for these reviews so most recent laptops should run these programs

First up is fraps which is a buyable software which offers a free unlimited demo
The price of being in demo is that a small watermark will be put on the put of your recordings and you can only film 30 seconds at a time

File size: roughly 50mb for 30seconds
Quality: Medium to high depending on computer spec
Difficulty to use: Easy
Comments: This is an ok piece of software which will enable you to do most filming but the limitations of the demo menas that you will need to edit nearly all your filming- in addition the filesize is not brilliant either,it can also be slow on low spec laptops which can reduce the film quality that said fraps is good for the more experienced user
Score: 6/10

Next up is wisdomsoft recorder which is completely free- there is a pro version but the free part does everything you need- no watermarks or limits!

File size: roughly 12mb for 30seconds (my test was 18mb for 48s)
Quality: Medium to high depending on computer spec
Difficulty to use: Easy
Comments: This is a very good software which is a bit more basic than fraps (doesn't have a frame rate counter for example) but does everything you need and with the ability to select the filming area helps a lot- uses up minimal system resources making everything go fast- I could easily film on the ground of beta in the media centre design
Score: 9/10

9  Schome Park Programme / Schome Park Events / Happy birthday SPP! on: March 12, 2008, 07:04:43 PM
Don't know if anyone noticed but today is the 12th of march which is the day in which the SNP offically started (it started on the 10th for a lucky person)

Happy birthday SPP!

(Didn't know where to put this offically)
10  Schome Park Programme / Schome Park Events / Schome Park project Opening Anniversary on: February 04, 2008, 01:36:07 PM
At the end of this month is the anniversary of schome park, Are we running anything?

If not then I propose we have a sort of awards evening to regonise how far the community has gone within this last year,

Would make sense to hold on alpha as it is the orginal island on which it all started

What do you think?
11  Virtual worlds (in education) / Building & Planning Permission / An improved sumo arena on: January 26, 2008, 12:19:22 PM
After finding a non laggy spot in spa I've created an enhanced version of the volcano sumo arena we used to have at the volcano

A picture is attached to this message

It uses 58 prims and has just two scripts which controls the bridge on the main platform

For now I'd like to keep it roughly where it is at 450m due to the much lower lag though if the island improves it could also be lowered

New b/pp rules apply (2 objections for poll)
12  Virtual worlds (in education) / Help with virtual worlds / Problems with windlight? on: January 23, 2008, 07:30:17 PM
everytime I load windlight it just stops on a black screen, no log in no picture, nothing
13  Virtual worlds (in education) / Building & Planning Permission / [Rule change] vote if neccesary on: January 19, 2008, 03:15:40 PM
This already is in the rules technially but if changed would be dragged forward a bit more

Basically a poll will only be started if an objection is raised in the thread- DO's would award pp instantly unless two people object to the proposals

if there was objections then a poll takes place as per usual

Basically this tearing up a lot of red tape and still gives people a say

Btw yes there is a poll on this cos we need to know peoples opinions

B/pp team
14  Schome Park Programme / Schome Park Events / Schome QI Event on: January 10, 2008, 07:28:21 PM
I'd be intresting in running a schome qi night when spii - I mean spa and spb are open  ;)

Anyone be intrested in taking part? I could confirm that it would take place either on a friday or saturday night due to RL though which day and time could be decided by people intending to go.

For those who have never heard of QI I'll explain the basic idea: QI stands for Quite interesting and is TV show in england, It's mainly a comedy quiz show and has the running joke that all the questions are super hard so much in fact that points are awarded merely for being intresting on a releated subject to the question as well as being right

for example If i gave a question on lightbulbs and didn't know the answer, reeling off a fact about lightbulbs which everyone didn't know would score points despite the fact you don't know the answer...

However Points can be lost  >:D There are many old wifes tales and general inaccurcies that are repeated so much that people belive they are true yet are completely wrong. There is nothing more unintertesting than boring wrong answers so much that these answers are already been predicted  >:D if one of these is said then a siren goes off and a large point deduction will occur. as such its an achivement to get a postive score  :P

if this hasn't make you understand the rules then I'd suggest looking at wikipedia and searching for QI which has a good reference of it

Hope to see you there
15  Schome / Introductions / A note to new students (Please read) on: January 09, 2008, 04:56:10 PM
Could you post introduction messages in the schome park introduction forum (schome park-> 4th or 5th down)

keeps everything in order and more people will see your requests for buddies :)

A link :
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