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schome - the education system for the learning age


Schome will be an education system that meets the needs of society and individuals in the 21st century.

Schome will value and support people in learning throughout their lives (cradle to grave).

Schome will include flexible use of both physical and virtual spaces to support learning processes and enhance community.

Read Futurelab's description of schome...
(based on an interview with Peter Twining)

The Schome Initiative

The Schome Initiative is the umbrella programme for all those concerned with developing schome.

Our main focus currently is on the use of virtual worlds (specifically Teen Second Life™ virtual world and Second Life™ virtual world) to give people 'a lived experience' of radically different models of education.

We are using Schome Park, our island in Teen Second Life™ virtual world, to collect evidence about approaches to supporting teenage learners. SchomeBase is our headquarters in Second Life™ virtual world for connecting with adults.

Follow the links above to find out more about the Schome Initiative - you are welcome to join the forum/wiki and to contribute your ideas ...

Together we will make schome a reality.